How long does it take for my bag to arrive?

The Tiko Carry-On ships from our warehouse in Austin, TX. If you live in Texas your bag usually arrives in two days. If you live on the east coast or west coast it usually takes 3 – 5 business days for the bag to arrive. We also offer expedited shipping at checkout for an additional price.

Wait, most luggage isn’t direct-to-consumer?

Nearly all luggage is sold though department stores and other retailers, which means the luggage goes from the manufacturer to the retailer to the customer. Typically, the price to the customer doubles at each stage. We prefer the online direct-to-consumer model which cuts out the retailer so the customer pays only half the usual cost. In our case, we are able to offer luggage under $200 that would usually be priced over $400 if it were sold through a traditional retailer. Currently, Tiko is the only soft luggage company using the direct-to-consumer model.

Tell me about this waxed canvas fabric. Why is it so great?

We use a special blend of fibers to produce a material durable enough to meet the high demands of today's travel. Our waxed canvas is a blend of both natural (cotton) and synthetic (polyester) fibers which give the fabric a balanced combination of abrasion resistance, tear resistance, soft hand-feel, and weather-proofing.

Is Tiko luggage waterproof? Water-resistant?

Like most hard and soft luggage, Tiko bags are not waterproof, due to the seams and zippers of the bags being constructed with traditional sewing techniques. That said, the material itself is waterproof, and the final assembled bag is very water-resistant. This comes from two main factors: the waxing finish and the laminated closed-cell foam backing. The waxing finish helps to keep the surface of the fabric clean and fresh, while the foam backing keeps virtually anything from actually passing through the material. We would not recommend any deep-sea explorations, but your tarmac rain showers are no problem.

How does waxed canvas compare to standard shiny luggage fabric?

Most luggage made today is either entirely synthetic (shiny) material or entirely natural materials. Natural materials have a wonderful look and feel, but generally fall behind synthetics in the two critical areas of abrasion and tear resistance. By creating a hybrid of both fibers, we have the wonderful look and feel of a natural fiber with the enhanced performance of synthetic fibers. We also happen to like sugar and cream in our coffee.

Does it fit in the overhead bin?

The short answer is yes.

Most of the major airlines play a little game with sizing. In the U.S., the major airlines state that the maximum carry-on dimensions are 22” tall x 14” wide x 9” deep. In reality, their boarding-gate sizers are about an inch bigger on all sides and it’s likely your current luggage is made to meet the sizer requirement. To maximize packing capacity and still make sure your bag fits, we made The Tiko Carry-On to fit the sizer.

The exact exterior dimensions of The Tiko Carry-On are 22.7" x 14.5" x 9.5".

What is the Tiko 5-year painless promise guarantee?

Simply put, if your Tiko bag fails in its first five years we will repair or replace it. Period. If you're the kind of person who prefers the nitty-gritty, you can find the legal language is here.

How do I clean my Tiko Carry-On?

Keep it simple. Use a stiff brush to remove any debris like mud and dirt from the fabric surface. Then apply some cold water and mild soap to spot clean with a sponge or cloth. Rinse with cold water and let the bag air dry like your favorite pair of jeans. Our best caution: don’t use strong detergents or abrasive cleaning soaps as these will deteriorate the great material finishes meant to protect your bag.