How to Get the Best Room in a Hotel

Lodging at a hotel is the logical thing to do when visiting a place where you do not have any friends or family members residing there who you can stay with. However, the most important thing to do before lodging at a hotel is to find the best room for you to stay in.

That said, wanting the best hotel room for yourself might probably feel like an expensive preference for you to have, but after doing some research, we can say for a fact that you should not have to pay through your nose to get yourself the best room in any hotel.

Getting the best hotel room without burning a hole through your pocket is certainly possible. Here are tips and tricks you can use to get the best room in any hotel for you to enjoy a guilt-free stay wherever you travel to across the world.

Do your research before your trip

Unless it is a last-minute trip that you did not plan for, it is advised that you start making arrangements for your hotel stay days or hours before your trip. This is to ensure that you have enough time to research all the room options available at hotels within the location you will be traveling to and then book the room that best suits your needs.

Also, these days, many hotels have made it possible for customers to get a 360-degree virtual sneak preview of their rooms and facilities before booking or checking in. Therefore, if any of the hotels you are considering has that option, do not hesitate to make good use of it to help you arrive at a better room choice for yourself.

Do not be afraid to ask

If the hotel you wish to lodge at does not have the option for you to preview their available rooms before booking, and you are allocated a room that you are not satisfied with, do not hesitate to let them know before you unpack your luggage or use the room’s facilities and politely ask to be allocated another room.

For example, if the hotel happens to be a high rise building, and you would prefer a room high up where you can enjoy the best views of the city or surrounding landscape, you can ask for a room on a higher floor if your allocated room is on a lower floor.

If you are someone who prefers a quieter space and the room you have been allocated is located close to the elevators for example, or at the very top floor which is close to the rooftop where the hotel’s air conditioning units are usually installed, you can also let the hotel know and request for a room change.

You can also ask for an upgrade to a corner room which typically offers more space for the same price as the other rooms, or request for a room with a refrigerator if you have medications that need to be kept cold.

However, regardless of your reason for wanting a room change or upgrade, it is advised that you adopt a courteous and discreet approach when making your request so as to increase the chances of your request getting considered or granted.

Mention any special occasion you will be celebrating

If it so happens that one of your special days such as your birthday, honeymoon, or wedding anniversary will be coming up during your time at the hotel, mentioning it to the hotel staff when checking in may get you an exclusive treatment from the hotel.

Your chances are much higher if your special day is the main reason for your stay there. Therefore do not hesitate or be afraid to inform any member of staff checking you in about it and hope for the best.

To make your stay more special and memorable, some hotels might be willing to offer you upgrades or amenity kits ranging from a free room upgrade to a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine, or even activity packs for your kids.

Having said that, do not be tempted to tell any white lies. Do not tell them you are on your honeymoon when you are not. They will eventually find out the truth and remove you from their good books. It is a recipe for disaster if you lie, so do not do it.

Check-in early or near the end of the day

Arriving or checking in earlier than the other guests gives you a higher chance of getting a better room If the hotel rooms have not all been allocated yet. The hotel will usually have more options for upgrades in that kind of situation, so you might as well go for it.

The same strategy could also work for you when you check in towards the end of the day if you are just staying for a night. Hotels seem to have a better sense of occupancy during that period, so you just might get an upgrade if there are still some premium rooms available and no other bookings left to fulfill for the night.

Sign up for hotel loyalty programs

Signing up for a loyalty program and sticking to it is also another great way you can receive free upgrades at the hotel you wish to stay at. The loyalty programs of some hotels could guarantee the best rates for members of the program or include free Wi-Fi internet connectivity, access to exclusive events, free nights, and other goodies.

Aside from loyalty programs offered directly by hotels, there are also loyalty programs offered by third-party booking sites as well. With their offer, you will also get to enjoy the same exclusive treatment that comes with direct loyalty program offers.

Respect and be nice to hotel staff

Love and respect are languages understood by people around the world. They are both audible to the deaf and visible to the blind. Therefore, whichever hotel you choose to lodge at wherever you travel to in the world, endeavor to be nice and polite to the hotel staff to earn a spot in their good books.

Nice and polite acts that could get you in the good books of the hotel staff include being courteous, addressing them by their name, which is usually on their name tag, or asking how their day is going, including, of course, thanking them for their services. They all go a long way.

Hotel staff are people like you who also have feelings. Therefore, if you treat them nicely and with respect, they are more likely to help you with any additional requests you may have.

Regularly tipping them could also open doors of favor for you later in form of complimentary room upgrades and other exclusive goodies. However, you should also find out if tipping is accepted or encouraged wherever you are because it may be frowned upon in some countries.

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