How to Make Your Hotel Stay Romantic

At first glance, hotel rooms look great! However, If you are planning to spend time in one for a romantic getaway with your partner soon, whether for a couple of days, weeks, or just for a night, sprucing it up is an option you might want to consider, to make your stay romantic.

Here are practical romantic ideas on how to make your hotel stay romantic for you to better enjoy your sexy alone time with your partner, which would leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Bring Romantic Items Along With You From Home

It is said that every journey begins with a step, and so for your romantic getaway, your first step should be packing for the occasion. Don’t forget to carry along with you, anything you know would make your trip romantic, and is probably not be readily accessible where you’re going.

Although everything all boils down to your choice, here are some essential items you might want to pack along with you for your romantic hotel stay.

Dried or Silk Rose Petals

When sprinkled across your hotel room, dried rose petals or silk ones will certainly make your hotel room romantically enticing. Some nice areas in your hotel room where you could sprinkle them include across the bed, and also on the floor leading from the door down to the bed.

You are also free to think of other additional ideas that will work best for you and your partner and try them. Your room is your world during your stay, so you’re free to do as you please, except breaking the hotel’s rules, of course.

Candles and Candleholders

Whether it’s little tealight candles or scented candles, candle lighting will provide a lovely ambiance for a romantic atmosphere in your hotel room. If your room comes with a working fireplace, it’s definitely a romantic plus for you and your significant other.

Flameless candles are advised for safety reasons. However, if you decide to opt for regular ones instead, don’t forget to bring along non-flammable holders for them, and of course, it’s important you blow the candles out before you sleep or leave your room.

Sensual Fragrances and Perfumes

Our sense of smell is one of our greatest assets as humans, and it is especially beneficial for triggering sexual emotions that foster intimacy. You’re more likely to be in the mood for some romantic time with your partner if your room smells charmingly good.

Therefore, endeavor to pack along with you, fragrances or perfumes, especially ones with sensual undertones that you can constantly spray to fill the air with amazing romantic scents to switch up the vibe throughout your stay.

Sensual Games and Toys

You can also bring along relaxing and entertaining games, including sensual toys, lubricants, and massage oils to enhance intimacy between you and your partner and ultimately make your stay more romantic.

However, in case it’s an international romantic getaway and you’ll be passing through customs, it is worth remembering that values about what might be considered adult content vary in different countries. So endeavor to exercise caution where necessary.

Ask the Hotel for a Romantic Room

Another way to make your hotel stay romantic is by asking the hotel directly for a romantic room you can book for you and your partner.

Simply explain to the hotel manager or the front desk staff that you are both there on a romantic getaway and chances are that they have special rooms for romantic stays like yours, or if they don’t, they can spruce your room up to make it romantic to your taste.

In most cases, hotels usually have everything needed to set up your room for a romantic stay right away, so they’d most likely be happy to oblige your request.

The hotel could have the housekeeping staff lay your bed with romantic sheets, or have room service send you lovely flowers, including complimentary bottles of wine throughout your stay, among other special offers.

Order Romantic Food Menus

It is customary in many hotels to provide special romantic food menus for couples. However, their offering may sometimes be limited to a simple dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, but an option to order and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your room would be a plus.

Book Exotic Massage Sessions at the Hotel Spa

Most hotels usually have their own in-house spa, so you and your partner could also take advantage of it by booking joint massage sessions there. Doing activities like this together is romantic and enhances intimacy with your partner during your hotel stay.

If the hotel doesn’t have a spa, there should be spas around that you can try. However, if there are non around you or you’re not so keen on going out, you and your partner can also treat yourselves to private romantic massage sessions in your room for a rejuvenating intimate experience. The massage oils we suggested you bring along will definitely come in handy here.

Play Romantic Music

Your stay wouldn’t be completely romantic without some romantic music, of course. Having mellow romantic music on play is sure to set the mood in your room, and make you enjoy a more intimate time with your significant other.

Your playlist can of course comprise romantic songs of any style you both enjoy. As long as it helps create a sexy ambiance in your room, you’re good to go! That said, endeavor to bring along your own portable wireless speakers, just in case your room doesn’t come with a docking station.

Get Intimate With Your Partner

We’re sure that you’d agree with us that this is the icing on the cake. Making love to your partner is sure to make your romantic getaway worthwhile because obviously, a romantic getaway is nothing without actual physical pleasure.

If your hotel stay was a meal, making love would be the main course. Therefore, feel free to indulge and yourselves by all exciting means necessary, and get lost in sweet sexual ecstasy with each other. It is by far the best way to make your hotel stay romantic.


The whole essence of staying at a hotel with your partner is to spend more alone time with each other, especially if you haven’t been able to do so at home, probably due to your busy lifestyle, or any other hindering factors.

However, if your hotel room isn’t romantic enough for you, all the various ways discussed so far are practically effective in helping you and your partner tweak your room set up to your taste for you to enjoy the most romantic and unforgettable hotel stay possible.

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