National Car Rental Corporate Codes 2024

National has two types of discount codes: an “Account Number” and a “Coupon Code”. The Account Number is the National discount code used to identify a special rate for a corporate contract, association, coupon, or other special rates. A Coupon code is typically used for a free car class upgrade or possibly a rebate off a multi-day rental.

Here are some of the publicly available National Discount Codes and Coupon Codes. We will continue to add to the list as we find new ones.

CompanyDiscountAccount NumberCoupon ID
NationalWork pretty well on 4-day rentals5063773NF1448DDX
NationalFor 5 days or longer5063773NF1982JDD
NationalSave up to 25%5025938
NationalSave up to 25% & $25 Off Weekly Rental5025938ND2182HLD
NationalSave up to 25% & One free Day on Weekend Rental5025938NF3514JDS
NationalSave up to 25% & Two Class Upgrade.5025938NU2749JDL
National35% discount at JFK5005809
NationalAll California Universities5436624
NationalNational Association of Broadcasters5282865
NationalAmerican Airlines5036929
NationalState of CA5400321

How to Apply a National Car Corporate Code

When making your reservation you will see that National has a separate tab for the “Account Number /Coupons”.    Click the little down arrow to reveal the Account Number and Coupon Boxes.  The Account Number field is where you enter your discount code or corporate code.  

Just enter or paste the code number in the box and the discount and offer will automatically be applied to your reservation.

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