How Strict Is Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance?

When flying with any airline it is advisable to check their cabin and check-in baggage allowances to make sure that you will have sufficient for your needs and to also ensure that you do not exceed the airline’s maximum size and weight allowances. Turning up at the airport with more baggage than your allowance, or with baggage exceeding the airline’s limits can be an expensive business. 

Turkish Airlines’ baggage rules operate on the weight and item concept, whereby on some routes passengers are given a total check-in weight allowance, and on other routes, a number of items of check-in baggage are permitted. In addition, the check-in allowance will vary by your class of travel, your fare type, and whether you are traveling on an international flight or a domestic flight.  

This article will tell you all you need to know about how much baggage you can take on your Turkish Airlines flight including your cabin and check-in baggage allowances, the fees involved, and any restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Turkish Airlines Cabin Baggage 

Turkish Airlines Carry On Size

When flying with Turkish Airlines all Economy Class passengers are allowed one item of carry-on baggage with dimensions not to exceed 55 x 40 x 23cm (21.5 x 15.7 x 9in), and a maximum weight of 8kg, and one personal item with dimensions not to exceed 40 x 30 x 15cm(15.5 x 12 6in).

Business Class passengers are allowed to take two carry-on bags on board, and one personal item per passenger with the weights and dimensions stated above.

Turkish Airlines Check-In Baggage Allowances


Similar to Qatar Airways and Emirates, Turkish Airlines is one of the airlines that operate weight concept and item concept baggage allowances. 

Most Turkish Airlines’ routes to/from European and Middle Eastern destinations operate on the weight concept. Routes to/from destinations in USA, Canada, Japan, South America, and Africa operate on the item concept.  

The maximum dimensions of any item of check-in luggage cannot exceed 158cm/62in (length + width + depth), and the maximum weight for any single item of check-in luggage is 32kg. 

To discover the typical Turkish Airlines check-in baggage allowance, I used the Turkish Airlines online flight search engine for a number of example flights. 

Weight Concept Routes – Domestic

Your domestic check-in baggage weight allowance depends on your travel class/fare type, and varies between 15kg and 25kg for Economy Class, and is 30kg for Business Class. 

Weight Concept Routes – International 

The check-in baggage allowances on Turkish Airlines international weight concept routes vary by your destination (short-haul or long haul) and typically vary between 0kg and 30kg for Economy Class and between 30kg and 40kg for Business Class.

On shorter international routes, Turkish Airlines offers the Economy Class EcoFly fare type with no check-in baggage allowance. You can buy a check-in baggage allowance in increments of 5kg, up to a maximum of 230kg. The fee depends on your route. 

Using the Turkish Airlines online flight booking engine typical fees for the weight-based additional check-in baggage allowance were TRY1,060 ($US65) per 5kg for a one-way flight between Istanbul and Paris, and TRY970 ($US59) per 5kg one-way for a flight between London and Istanbul.

You can also add additional weight allowances to other fare types that include a check-in baggage allowance.

Item Concept Routes

For item concept routes, Turkish Airlines Economy Class and Business Class passengers are allowed to take 2 items of check-in baggage each. However, maximum weight limits per item vary as follows:

  • Economy Class – 23kg  
  • Business Class – 32kg

Example Check-in Baggage Allowances

I investigated the check-in baggage allowances on some example flights using Turkish Airlines’ flight booking engine. This is what I found for three weight concept routes:

For three example item concept routes, this is what I found:

You can add additional baggage items on item concept routes at a cost of TRY2,709 ($US165) each-way per item, up to a maximum of 10 items. 

Miles&Smiles Advantages Members

Members of Turkish Airlines’ frequent flyer program benefit from increased check-in baggage allowances as follows:

  • Classic Plus Members – an additional 10kg for weight concept routes, but no additional allowance for item concept routes. 
  • Elite Members – an additional 20kg for weight concept routes, or one additional piece of check-in baggage for item concept routes. 
  • Elite Plus Members – an additional 25kg for weight concept routes, or one additional piece of check-in baggage for item concept routes.  

Additional Check-in Baggage and Excess Baggage


You can buy an additional check-in baggage allowance. The fee structure and amount depend on your particular travel route and whether it is a weight concept or an item concept route.

For weight concept routes you can buy additional baggage weight in 5kg increments, up to a maximum of 230kg online, up to two hours before your flight. For item concept routes, you can buy up to an additional 10 items of baggage online up to two hours before your flight. 

Using the same example routes as described above I used the Turkish Airlines online Baggage Calculator to find out the online fees for taking check-in baggage in addition to your free allowance – Baggage Calculator | Turkish Airlines ®

This is what I found:

Excess Baggage

The maximum weight of each item of baggage is 23kg for Economy Class and 32kg for Business Class. On item concept routes there is an excess baggage charge of $US80 for any item of baggage weighing between 23-32 kg where the item weight limit is 23kg.

Regardless of the weight and piece concept, a single piece of baggage cannot exceed 32kg. Baggage that exceeds 32kg must be divided and carried in two or more pieces. 

If you are flying a weight concept route and you arrive at the airport with the total weight of your baggage more than your checked baggage allowance plus any additional baggage allowance purchased, an additional baggage fee will be applied corresponding to the excess weight difference.

Sports Equipment

Turkish Airlines will transport a large variety of sporting equipment. The fee will vary by route and you can check the applicable fee as you proceed through the online booking process. I tied a couple of examples and found that most sports items cost TRY1,057 ($US64) one-way for a flight between Istanbul and Caracas and TRY529 ($US32) one-way for a flight between London and Istanbul. You should check the fee specific to your itinerary during the booking process.

Musical Instruments

Standard cabin baggage rules apply for the transportation of musical instruments within the aircraft cabin. Small instruments such as guitars can be taken into the cabin free of charge if the total dimensions do not exceed 118cm (width + length + height). Turkish Airlines does also indicate that you can carry a larger musical instrument such as a cello in the cabin free of charge. The width, length, and depth (including the case) should not exceed 140 x 42 x 25cm and the weight should be less than 75kg. However, you will need to contact Turkish Airlines and reserve space for this item at least 48 hours before your flight’s departure time.

Large instruments are carried in the aircraft held as check-in baggage. You will need to pay an additional baggage fee if you exceed your free or purchased check-in baggage allowance. 

It is recommended that you obtain more information regarding the transportation of musical instruments at a Turkish Airlines sales office or by contacting the Turkish Airlines Call Center.

Traveling With an Infant or Child

Infant passengers are entitled to one item of check-in baggage weighing 10kg on weight concept routes, and 23kg on item concept routes.

Additionally, strollers that do not exceed total dimensions of 115cm are allowed on all flights and will be placed in the aircraft hold. A bassinet with total dimensions not exceeding 115cm is also allowed.    

You cannot purchase an additional baggage allowance for infants. 

Child passengers have the same amount of baggage allowance as adult passengers. Car seats with maximum dimensions of 70 x 30cm can be taken as carry-on baggage free of charge. 


All Turkish Airlines passengers have a cabin baggage allocation of one personal item, and either one 8kg carry-on bag for Economy Class, and two 8kg carry-on bags for Business Class. 

Most Turkish Airlines passengers receive a free check-in baggage allowance, apart from some international passengers flying on Economy EcoFly fares.

When it comes to check-in baggage allowances, Turkish Airlines operates on the weight concept and item concepts. You are advised to check the check-in baggage allowance specific to your itinerary at the time of booking.

For all classes and fare types, and for both weight concept and item concept routes, you can buy an additional check-in baggage allowance. If you need additional check-in baggage weight or items you should buy these in advance and should not turn up at the airport with a check-in baggage weight, or the number of check-in baggage items, in excess of your booking.   

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