How Strict Is Air Transat Carry On Size?

Air Transat offers passengers the opportunity to travel to multiple destinations in the Americas or Europe on their aircraft, and has strict requirements for passengers traveling with check-in and cabin baggage. Familiarize yourself with Air Transat’s policies before going to the airport for your flight. Doing so will save you from a hassle later on. 

The regulations are similar to many other airlines and easy to follow once you have chosen your destination, fare, and package. Air Transat charges customers fees based on the mentioned criteria. All passengers should be knowledgeable and comply with the airline’s baggage allowances. 

This article will help customers understand Air Transat’s baggage allowances and guidelines. 

Air Transat Cabin Baggage Allowance 

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Every passenger boarding their Air Transat flight may bring one carry-on baggage and one personal item. Air Transat requires each item to meet strict measurement requirements. Your carry-on must not exceed 23 x 40 x 51 cm (9 x 16 x 20 inches). Your smaller personal item is restricted to 12.7 x 30.5 x 43.2 cm (5 x 12 x 17 inches)

Air Transat accepts the following articles as personal items: sports ball, laptop bags, garment bags, camera bags, camera, briefcase, and purse. Other baggage may qualify as personal items as this list is not exclusive. An example of carry-on baggage is a suitcase, backpack, or other similar bags. 

If you choose to purchase items while inside the airport, your newly purchased duty-free items must fit comfortably inside your cabin bag. You may not carry more than two items, a personal item and carry-on baggage. Passengers who exceed the two-bag limit may have those items placed with check-in baggage. All applicable fees will apply. 

Items Accepted on Your Cabin Baggage

Air Transat stresses the importance of keeping several items inside your personal item or carry-on baggage. If you have any articles that are fragile or valuable, store them in your cabin bag.

The airline considers the following items valuable or fragile: laptops, identification cards, cash, credit cards, medication, keys, jewelry, and any other item regarded as irreplaceable or valuable. 

Air Transat Check-In Baggage Allowance

Air Transat offers customers the ability to book different fare classes. Each fare class gives passengers a price for each of their check-in baggage. Purchase your fare class accordingly to fit your travel needs. 

  • Eco Budget
  • Eco Standard and Eco-Flex
  • Club Class

Additionally, Air Transat offers customers packages. There are three packages available: Flight Only, Option Plus, and Transat Package. Air Transat calculates your baggage fees based on the following criteria:

  • Destination 
  • Fare Class
  • Package 

Customers can purchase their packages with the airline during booking. Packages guarantee lower prices for your baggage needs. If you book your luggage 24 hours or less before your flight, the airline reserves the right to subject you to higher fees. Therefore, you should prepay for your check-in baggage.

The airline has flights to Europe, Canada, the United States, and South America. Your destination will affect your check-in baggage allowance and price. We’ve created a table to help you better understand Air Transat’s policies for its passengers. All prices are in USD. 

Passengers may also purchase an Option-Plus Transat package for all travel destinations. This package includes two free check-in baggage of 23 kg or less. Customers who purchased this package may opt to bring an additional bag of 23 kg for $225. 

Pricing for check-in baggage with Air Transat can be tricky for many customers to understand. Always refer to your booking to verify your luggage allowance. Book an appropriate package to best meet your budget and luggage needs. 

Airline fees and baggage allowances are subject to change; therefore, passengers should stay up to date on the airline’s policies. These changes may be short notice. Verify your baggage allowance by consulting the Air Transat’s website or your booking reference emailed to you after completing the booking process. 

Oversized Baggage 

Your baggage is oversized if it surpasses 23 kg or 158 cm in linear dimensions. Linear dimensions are the sum of your check-in baggage’s length, width, and height. If your check-in baggage exceeds these measurements, you will be charged a standard fee of $100. The maximum size of any bag is 32 kg or 292 cm in linear dimensions. The $100 dollar fee does not apply to luggage surpassing these measurements. Instead, passengers that want to travel with bags larger than this should contact the airline’s cargo department. Additionally, you may ship a handful of prohibited items through the airline’s cargo department. Contact them directly to receive a quote for your shipment needs. 

Although there is a financial incentive to prepay for your baggage online, note that passengers with overweight baggage can not book online. They must pay for the bag when they arrive at the check-in counter. 

Articles that You May Bring in Your Baggage 

You may bring a number of different items with you onto the aircraft as long as it is safe, non-hazardous, and non-explosive. Air Transat has the right to examine a customer’s baggage; therefore customers should ensure they have not unintentionally brought a prohibited item onto the aircraft. Air Transat may update its policies on restricted and prohibited items, this includes moving articles from the acceptable items list to the prohibited or restricted list. If you want to verify that your item meets boarding requirements, visit the airline’s webpage on restricted and prohibited items.

You may bring the following items in your cabin or check-in baggage.

  • Children’s stroller and other items needed to care for the infant
  • Sports equipment, such as bicycles and surfboards
  • Musical Instruments
  • Wedding dresses and garment bags
  • Pets and service animals 

Travelers must register their sports equipment with the airline if it can not fit inside a standard bag, such as bicycles and kites. You must register a minimum of 72 hours before your flight. Call 1-877-TRANSAT (872-6728) to register. 

Infants are not allowed cabin baggage. Parents traveling with infants may bring one diaper bag and a stroller for free. Any other items may be subjected to check-in baggage fees. 

Musical instruments may be packed in check-in or cabin baggage depending on their dimensions. If you are traveling with a musical instrument you should confirm whether your item may be carried in cabin baggage or must be checked by visiting the website link

Furthermore, passengers carrying medicine, oxygen tanks, and other medical equipment or needing service animals should contact the airline to see what specific guidelines apply to their needs. 


Flying with Air Transat can be an enjoyable experience, whether you are traveling domestically or internationally. Passengers may select fares and packages that allow them to meet their baggage needs and requirements.

The airline reserves the right to update its policies, even on short notice; therefore, it is advisable to stay up to date by visiting its website or contacting Air Transat directly. This especially applies to passengers flying with uncommon items, or items that are prohibited on other airlines. 

If you are going to fly with Air Transat ensure that your cabin and check-in baggage does not exceed the airline’s dimension and weight restrictions. You must contact the airline’s cargo department or wait to purchase your baggage at the check-in counter if your luggage needs are not met by the aforementioned dimensions and weight limits.

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