How Strict Is Jetblue Baggage Policy?

JetBlue Airways is the seventh-largest airline in North America as measured by the number of passengers carried, and is based in New York.

JetBlue operates over 1,000 flights daily and serves 100 domestic and international network destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and London.

The JetBlue cabin baggage allowance is simple to understand. All passengers can take on board a personal item, and most fare types include a free carry-on bag allowance, except for Blue Basic fares. There are some important exceptions to this which I explain below, including a free carry-on bag for all fare types if traveling to or from London, UK.    

If you are traveling within the USA, Latin America, and The Caribbean there is no free check-in bag allowance unless you are traveling in the Mint cabin where you receive two free check-in bags.

If you are traveling to or from London, one check-in bag is free for Blue and Blue Extra fares, and two check-in bags are included for Mint fares. There is no free check-in baggage allowance for Blue Basic fares if you are traveling to or from London.

jetBlue’s baggage information can be found here:

Bag Info | JetBlue

JetBlue Fare Types

Before we start to explore JetBlue’s baggage rules, we should understand JetBlue’s fare options.

  • Blue Basic
  • Blue
  • Blue Extra
  • Mint

With Blue Basic, Blue, and Blue Extra fares you will be seated in the economy class cabin. With a Mint fare, you’re in the premium cabin. The added benefits increase as you go from Blue Basic to Mint. Benefits include free baggage allowances, the ability to cancel/change flights, advance seat selection, and priority boarding.   

JetBlue Cabin Baggage Policy

Number of Cabin Baggage Items

All JetBlue fares include one personal item that can fit under the seat in front of you. This could be a purse, small backpack, laptop bag, or an approved pet carrier.

Jetblue’s recently amended carry-on bag policy means that passengers traveling on a Blue, Blue Extra, or Mint fares can take a carry-on bag as long as it can fit in an overhead compartment. If you are on a domestic flight within the USA and have purchased one of these fares, JetBlue guarantees that your carry-on will make it on board (if you purchased your ticket on or after February 25th, 2022).

Blue Basic fares do not now allow a carry-on bag. Any carry-on bag brought to the gate (aside from your personal item) will incur a fee and need to be checked in. The fee is $65 (if your carry-on is your first or second check-in bag) or $180 (if it’s your third check-in bag). However, there are some exceptions; all of the following get a carry-on bag allowance:

  • Frequent flyer TrueBlue Mosaic members (all fares)
  • Passengers to or from London (including connecting flights)
  • Blue Basic passengers who have purchased an ‘Even More Space’ seat (on all legs, if connecting)
  • Active US military personnel
  • Unaccompanied minors 

Of the above exceptions, only Blue Basic customers with an ‘Even More Space’ seat (on all legs, if connecting) are guaranteed to get their carry-on bag on board.

Passengers who have added a pet to a Blue Basic booking will be able to board with both a personal item and their approved pet carrier.

Note that for any passengers who purchase an extra seat, there is no additional personal item or carry-on baggage allowance as these allowances are calculated on a per person basis and not on a per-seat basis. However, these passengers may check in additional bags, based on the fare option purchased for that extra seat.

Cabin Baggage Size Limitations

The maximum length, width and height dimensions for personal items are 17in (43.2 cm) x 13in (33 cm) x 8in (20.32 cm) respectively.

Including wheels and handles, the maximum length, width, and height dimensions of carry-on bags are 22in (55.88cm) x 14in (35.56cm) x 9in (22.86cm) respectively.

JetBlue does not limit the weight of cabin baggage items, but you will need to be able to easily lift and place these items in an overhead compartment by yourself without assistance from cabin crew members.  

JetBlue Check-In Baggage Policy


You can add up to two standard checked bags to your booking anytime, from when you book your ticket to when you arrive at the airport. If your fare type does not include check-in bags, it’s best to buy your allowance in advance on either or the JetBlue app. If you add check-in bags online in advance (more than 24 hours before your departure) you’ll receive a $US5 discount on each bag.

Check-in Baggage Allowances and Fees Within the USA, Latin America, and The Caribbean

Check-in Baggage Allowances and Fees Between the USA and the UK

More Than Two Check-In Bags?

If you plan to check more than two bags you can add those to your booking starting 24 hours prior to departure or when you get to the airport. The fee for a 3rd (or more) checked bag is $200/£150 each way to/from London, and $150 each way for all other routes.

Routes With Check-in Baggage Limitations

For certain JetBlue routes, there are some baggage restrictions as follows:

Boxes/plastic bins are not accepted on international flights, except for flights to/from Cuba.

Check-in Baggage Size and Weight Limitations

jetBlue’s standard check-in bag maximum total dimensions are 62in/157.48cm (length + width + height) and 50lb/22.68kg.

The maximum weight permitted for travelers in JetBlue Mint on routes with the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean is 70lb (32kg).

Bags that exceed these limits will incur an excess baggage fee.

Excess Baggage

Bags that exceed the standard baggage weights and dimensions are considered oversized and/or overweight and are charged as follows:

  • Weight from 51lb (23.13 kg) to 99lb (44.91 kg): $150 per bag or £120 to/from London
  • Size from 63in (160 cm) to 80in (203.3cm) total dimensions, including wheels and handles: $150 per bag or £120 to/from London

Military Personnel

Veterans Advantage members are allowed to check in two bags free of charge.

All US active-duty military personnel traveling for leisure (and their dependents) are allowed to check in two bags free of charge.

JetBlue waives bag fees for active-duty US military personnel and their families traveling on duty, for up to five bags per passenger traveling together on the same itinerary.

These concessions are subject to weight and size limits.  

Frequent Flyers and Credit Card Holders

Members of JetBlue’s frequent flyer program TrueBlue who have achieved Mosaic status receive free first and second standard check-in bags as do any travel companions on the same booking. Mosaic members also get a free standard carry-on bag regardless of the fare type booked.

JetBlue has an alliance with American Airlines, and TrueBlue Mosaic members flying on American Airlines-operated flights, and AAdvantage Elite members flying on JetBlue-operated flights are entitled to up to two free check-in bags when checking in.

If you are a holder of a JetBlue Plus Credit Card or a JetBlue Business Card (Barclaycard) your first check-in bag is free on JetBlue-operated flights. This benefit is also extended to up to three accompanying travelers on the same itinerary. 

Sports Items

Sporting items exceeding 99lb are not accepted, and certain items (such as kayaks, hoverboards, and stand-up paddleboards) are also not accepted by JetBlue.

Bikes, surfboards, kiteboarding, and windsurfing equipment items are accepted on domestic and international flights and count as a check-in bag. These items are subject to a per-item fee of $100/£80 each way, in addition to any check-in bag fee associated with the fare purchased. Overweight fees are not levied for these items, however, any item weighing more than 99lb is not accepted.

The maximum size for a bicycle case is 80in total dimensions (length + width + height). If your bicycle and container are less than 62in total dimensions and under 50lb in weight the bike fee is not levied. The bike fee applies if the bicycle and container weigh more than 50lb and 62in total dimensions (length + width + height).

Bicycles are not accepted on flights to/from the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Peru, and Port of Spain. Bicycles are accepted on flights to/from Cuba if they are in a plastic, hard-sided, padded case designed for bicycles and no more than 70lb in weight pounds and 80in total dimensions (length + width + height).

You can add a golf bag, fishing rods, snow or water skis, snowboard, or wakeboard as a check-in bag during booking, when you arrive at the airport, or anytime in between. These items are exempt from the standard size requirements, so you will not have to pay an oversized bag fee, but you will need to pay any check-in bag fee associated with the fare purchased, as well as any overweight fee for items that weigh over 50lb.

Many other sporting equipment items can be taken on board the aircraft, or can be checked in. Carry-on and check-in bag fees apply if allowances are not included in your fare type, and excess baggage fees also apply if your sporting item exceeds JetBlue’s standard baggage size and weight limits.

The JetBlue website provides a lot of detailed information on its requirements for the carriage of sporting equipment, you can check here:

Sports Gear | JetBlue

Musical Instruments

With JetBlue you have three options for the carriage of your musical instruments:

Traveling With Infants

If you are traveling with an infant on your lap you can take a diaper bag and breast pump with you free of charge into the aircraft cabin.

Lap infants do not qualify for a check-in baggage allowance. However, you can check in a child safety seat and stroller free of charge either at the check-in desk or at the gate.

Playpens, wagons, and other infant beds count as a check-in bag and must meet JetBlue’s size and weight requirements.

If you wish, you can choose to purchase a seat for your infant’s FAA-approved child seat.  


When traveling with JetBlue, all passengers are allowed one personal item. One carry-on bag is allowed for all fare types except Blue Basic. However, you can take a carry-on with you if you are traveling on a Blue Basic fare and you purchase an ‘Even More Space’ seat.  

jetBlue’s check-in baggage allowances are relatively straightforward to understand. Within the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean only Mint travelers get a free check-in bag allowance (two bags), for all other fare types fees apply. If you are traveling to or from London there is no check-in bag allowance for Blue Basic fares. Blue and Blue extra fares come with one free check-in bag and Mint fares have an allowance of two free check-in bags.    

Excess baggage fees apply to check-in bags weighing more than 50lb (23kg) unless you are traveling on a Mint fare within the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean where your two free check-in bags can weigh up to 70lb (32kg).   

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