How Strict Is Allegiant Baggage Policy?

Allegiant Air flies to more than 90 popular destinations within the United States. Before you board your flight with Allegiant Air, familiarize yourself with the airline’s policies. Allegiant Air has strict luggage allowances for check-in and carry-on baggage. Furthermore, the airline has specifications for what items can and can’t board the flight. 

Everyone who flies Allegiant Air is entitled to one free personal item. Your free item must fit completely under the seat in front of you. You must not store it in the overhead bin. You may purchase only one carry-on and place it in the overhead bin. Furthermore, you may buy up to four check-in bags. 

Passengers should carefully review their packing list because Allegiant Air doesn’t permit certain items on their planes. Others are restricted and must be packed in carry-on or check-in bags only. 

We will discuss Allegiant Air’s policies for carry-on, check-in baggage, and all precautions customers should take before flying with Allegiant Air. 

Allegiant Cabin Baggage Policy  

Allegiant Carry On Size

The image is courtesy of Allegiant Air. Baggage measurements are shown in inches. 

The only item you may bring for free is a personal item such as a purse, briefcase, or small backpack. The personal item must not exceed the following dimensions: 17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 cm (7 x 15 x 16 in). Place this item under the seat in front of you. You may not store this item in the overhead bin. 

The airline permits passengers to bring one carry-on bag, but fees apply. Small suitcases, totes, large backpacks, or duffle bags are examples of permissible carry-on baggage. Your carry-on bag must not exceed 22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9 cm (9 x 14 x 22 in)

Note that Allegiant Air is an American airline; as a result, all passengers should expect their baggage to be measured and weighed in inches (in.) and pounds (lbs.). 

The airline will calculate your carry-on baggage fees ($10-75), depending on your flight’s route. Monitor the size of your bag carefully because if your item is oversized, the airline may charge you an additional fee and check your bag. 

Allegiant Air is a budget airline; therefore, overhead bin space is limited. You may need to check in your bag at the gate. If this occurs, depending on the circumstances, the airline will charge you a fee of up to $75. Fees do not apply to car seats, strollers, or mobility aids. 

Cabin Baggage Fees:

  • Personal items must be stored only under the seat in front of you = $0.00
  • Carry-On baggage must be stored in the overhead bin = $10-75.00 

Allegiant Check-In Baggage Policy

When you fly with Allegiant Air, you are entitled to up to four check-in bags per passenger. 

Your check-in bag must not weigh more than 18kg (40 lbs) and must not measure more than 203 linear centimeters (80 linear in.), including the bag’s wheels and handles. If your bag surpasses this weight or size, Allegiant Air will charge overweight baggage fees.

Your check-in baggage fees will range from $25 – 50 if prepaid during the online booking process. Passengers are encouraged to prepay for their luggage during booking. Prices are generally more expensive at the airport. 

The cost of your check-in baggage is dependent on your route. Visit this link for a full breakdown of fees for each route offered by the airline. 

Check-In Baggage Fees: 

  • Dependent on route 
  • $25-50 if prepaid
  • $50 if paid at the airport 

If you are an active or reserve duty military member or a veteran, you are entitled to special baggage fees. Visit the website directly to read the full list of benefits, including free overweight luggage, free carry-on, and two free check-in baggage. 

Overweight Baggage 

If your bag exceeds 203 cm (80 in) or 18kg (40 lbs), you are subject to overweight baggage fees. Overweight baggage fees range from $50-$75. Add this cost to your standard check-in baggage fees. For example, if you prepay $25 online for one check-in bag and arrive at the airport with a 19kg bag, you will be charged an additional $50, bringing your baggage total to $75. 

Overweight Baggage Fees

  • 18.2- 31.8 kg (40- 70 lbs): $50
  • 32.2- 45.4 kg (71-100 lbs): $75
  • 203.2 cm or more: $75 

Allegiant Air Flight Enhancements 

Allegiant Air offers passengers the following options to enhance their comfort and experience when flying Allegiant Air. 

  • TripFlex
  • Allegiant Extra 
  • Legroom+ 

You can only purchase Trip Flex at the time of booking. You may not add it to your booking after it has been processed. Trip Flex gives you the ability to change and postpone your flight without paying any additional fees. 

Allegiant Extra and Legroom+ grant you more spacious seating during your flight. At this moment, Allegiant Air does not offer first-class seating. All seating is economy; therefore, passengers needing bigger seats and more leg room should consider purchasing one of these options.  

Allegiant Pet Carrier Size

Allegiant pet carrier size policies are only applicable to the 48 contiguous states. If you are flying to Alaska or Hawaii, these rules do not apply to you. Contact the airline directly for more information about your flight. 

You may board the plane with 1-2 pets (domestic dogs or cats only) inside a single soft-sided carrier. The airline only permits one pet carrier per passenger. The pet carrier must not contain more than two pets. Fees do not apply to service animals. 

  • Pet Carrier Fee: $50 
  • Pet Carrier Max. Dimensions: 40.6 L x 48.2 W x 22.9 H cm (16 x 19 x 9 in.) 

Additional rules apply: pets must be at least eight weeks old, healthy, odorless, and non-disruptive. Place your pet on the floor during take-off and landing. The pet must fit comfortably and can not protrude from the carrier. 

Allegiant Air may alter its pet carrier policies at any time, without notice. We advise passengers to stay up to date on any pet-related guidelines by contacting the airline directly or monitoring their website carefully.  

Allegiant Air Additional Fees

Boarding pass printing is not free with Allegiant Air; therefore, passengers are encouraged to check in and print their passes at home. 

  • Boarding Pass Printing Fee: $5

Prohibited and Restricted Items

As with most airlines, you are encouraged to keep personal, valuable, and irreplaceable items on your person during the flight. 

All passengers must follow TSA’s rules for airline travel. Allegiant Air does not accept hazardous, explosive, or flammable objects on their aircraft. 

Allegiant Air reserves the right to update its guidelines on restricted or prohibited items; therefore, passengers should stay up to date before going to the airport. This list is not exclusive. The following items should not be placed in your check-in or cabin baggage. 

  • Hoverboards 
  • Camping and outdoor equipment
  • Alcohol exceeding 70% concentration 
  • Wet Cell Spare Batteries 
  • Compressed or Pressurized Gas Containers 

Place the following items in your cabin baggage (personal item or carry-on) only.

  • Lithium Batteries
  • Battery Powered Lighters
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Portable Electronic Devices 
  • Lighter 


Review your ticket before checking in for your Allegiant Air flight. Ensure that your item fits securely under the seat in front of you, and do not utilize the overhead bin space without purchase. 

If you require either carry-on or check-in baggage, ensure that you purchase your luggage online at the time of booking to receive the best prices. 

Ensure that your baggage meets the measurement requirements before check-in. The airline reserves the right to charge overweight baggage fees, so properly weigh your bag. 

Pack your bags carefully, ensuring that prohibited items stay at home and restricted items are packed carefully in your carry-on or checked baggage. 

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