How Strict Is Wizz Air Baggage Allowance?

This article will tell you all you need to know about how much baggage you can take on your WIZZ flight including your cabin and check-in baggage allowances, the fees involved, and any restrictions that you need to be aware of.

All WIZZ passengers are allowed to take one small personal item onboard the aircraft. If you want to take an item of cabin baggage with you, you need to either purchase a ‘WIZZ Priority Pass’ or choose fare bundles that include carry-on baggage. 

WIZZ applies charges for all check-in luggage. You can either add check-in baggage to your WIZZ Basic fare, or choose a fare bundle that includes a check-in baggage allowance.

Wizz Air Fare Bundles

To understand your basic hand and check-in luggage allowances with WIZZ, it’s important to understand WIZZ’s fare bundles. WIZZ offers 3 fare types when booking a flight – WIZZ Basic, WIZZ Go, and WIZZ Plus

Your hand and check-in luggage allowances are determined by which fare bundle you choose:

  • WIZZ Basic – one small personal item (40 x 30 x 20cm, weighing up to 10kg).
  • WIZZ Go – one small personal item (40 x 30 x 20cm, weighing up to 10kg), one ‘Trolley Bag (55 x 40 x 23cm, weighing up to 10kg), and one check-in bag (weighing up to 20kg).
  • WIZZ Plus – one small personal item (40 x 30 x 20cm, weighing up to 10kg), one ‘Trolley Bag’ (55 x 40 x 23cm, weighing up to 10kg), and one check-in bag (weighing up to 32kg).

All of the differences between each WIZZ fare bundle can be seen in the table below:

Wizz Air Cabin Bag Size

When flying Wizz, your free cabin baggage allowance is as follows:

  • One free personal item, such as a laptop bag, small rucksack, or handbag.
  • This item should be placed under the seat in front of you, and not in an overhead bin. If there is space available in an overhead bin after boarding is completed you may move your item there.

You are also permitted to bring the following into the aircraft cabin:

  • Duty-free items purchased at the airport following security screening.
  • A coat or blanket.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Reading material for the flight.
  • For children younger than two years old – food for the duration of the flight.
  • A pair of crutches for reduced mobility passengers.

If you wish to take another item of cabin baggage on board the aircraft, you will need to purchase a WIZZ Priority Pass, or choose a WIZZ Go or WIZZ Plus fare. 

If you are traveling on a WIZZ Basic fare and your personal item exceeds the stated dimensions, you will be charged an excess baggage fee of €25 at the airport. If that bag does not exceed WIZZ’s carry-on bag dimensions it can be taken on board the aircraft as long as there is sufficient space available in the overhead bins. If there is insufficient space, the bag will be placed in the aircraft hold.

Wizzair Carry On Bag (Trolley Bag) Size

The personal item and carry-on bag size allowances do not include bag handles or wheels. However, wheels must not add more than 5cm to the size of the bag.

You can add a carry-on bag, called a ‘Trolley Bag’ by Wizz, to your free personal item when:

  • You purchase a WIZZ Priority pass (available online or via the WIZZ Call Center for €5 – €40 per flight, or at the airport for €25 per flight).
  • You are entitled to WIZZ Priority with your WIZZ Privilege Pass (an annual pass that gives priority boarding, seat selection and a carry-on bag for each flight, for €199).  
  • You are traveling on a WIZZ GO, or WIZZ Plus fare bundle.

If your ‘Trolley Bag’ exceeds WIZZ’s carry-on baggage size or weight limits, an oversize baggage fee of €60 will be charged at the airport and the bag will be put into the aircraft hold.

Wizz Air Check-In Luggage Size

Size and Weight Limits

As a reminder, the WIZZ fare bundles include the following check-in baggage allowances:

  • WIZZ Basic – None.
  • WIZZ Go – one 20kg bag.
  • WIZZ Plus – one 32kg bag.

Check-in baggage item size limits are as follows:

  • Width: 149cm.
  • Height: 119cm.
  • Length: 171cm.

If you want to take more check-in bags than your selected fare bundle allowance WIZZ Gives you three options as follows:

  • 10 kg check-in bag.
  • 20 kg check-in bag.
  • 32 kg check-in bag.

The maximum number of check-in items per passenger is six.

There is one complication to be aware of – each passenger can only have one type of baggage on each flight. You can either book one 10kg bag or up to six 20kg bags, or up to six 32kg bags i.e. you cannot ‘mix and match’ check-in baggage of different weights.   

Check-In Baggage Fees

The prices of additional baggage items vary according to:

  • Season – peak season (Easter, summer, and Christmas), or low season (all other periods).
  • Whether purchased online or at the airport.
  • Weight.

The typical fees (per flight, per passenger, per bag) are shown in the table below:

Sports Equipment

Each WIZZ passenger can bring one item of sports equipment per flight. The fees, unless otherwise stated, are €45 per flight, per item when booked online, and €65 per flight, per item when purchased at the airport.

  • Ski and snowboard equipment can be transported as check-in baggage, although an additional fee of €30 per flight applies.
  • A bicycle.
  • Golf equipment.
  • Diving equipment.
  • Pole vaults up to 5.039m in length.
  • Surfboards and windsurfing equipment.

Other items of sporting equipment can be transported with the approval of Wizz Air. You will need to contact the Call Center at least 72 hours before your flight departure.

Unless otherwise stated, sporting equipment must not exceed 32kg in weight, and the following maximum dimensions apply:

  • Width – 1.499m.
  • Height – 1.194m.
  • Length – 1.715m.

In some cases, you may be able to purchase an additional seat for your item of equipment. For this option, the maximum size of the equipment must not exceed 66 x 44 x 75cm, or 18 x 48 x 117cm. You should contact the Wizz Air Call Center to discuss your options and prices.

Musical Instruments

You can bring a small musical instrument, in a case, onboard the aircraft with a maximum length of 80cm, and the other dimensions of the case are not to exceed 40 x 23cm. The musical instrument is allowed on board in lieu of your carry-on baggage allowance and so you will need a WIZZ Priority pass, or a fare bundle that includes a carry-on baggage allowance. Your musical instrument must be placed in an overhead bin.

Larger musical instruments that are too big for the cabin overhead bins, and cannot be transported as checked-in baggage can be carried on an aircraft seat with the purchase of an additional seat fare.

Traveling With Infants

One pushchair, foldable baby stroller, or a small foldable travel cost can be checked in free of charge for each small child. These can be taken to the gate but will be placed in the aircraft hold by WIZZ staff.

An adult traveling with the infant is allowed to take one additional personal item onboard the aircraft up to a size of 40 x 30 x 20cm.

You also take a car seat on board the aircraft free of charge if you have purchased a separate seat for your infant.

Excess Baggage

Excess baggage is expensive – avoid it if you can.

If you turn up at the airport with check-in baggage items weighing more than their booked weights (10kg or 20kg) an excess baggage fee of €12 per kilo will be charged. The maximum check-in baggage weight permitted by WIZZ is the airline standard of 32kg.  


The only ‘free’ baggage allowance when traveling WIZZ is one small personal item such as a handbag or a laptop bag.

A carry-on bag allowance can be purchased via a WIZZ Priority pass, or as part of a WIZZ Go, or a WIZZ Plus fare bundle. These fare bundles also provide a check-in bag allowance of 20kg or 32kg respectively. If you need to take more check-in bags you can add these to your reservation. Remember that when flying WIZZ, you cannot ‘mix and match’ check-in baggage of different weights.   You should always buy any additional check-in baggage allowance online at the same time you purchase your flight ticket or later via the WIZZ Call Center. Buying an extra luggage allowance at the airport when you check-in will be more expensive.

Pay attention to the WIZZ size and weight limits for both carry-on and check-in luggage. If you breach these rules, additional fees will apply. 

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