How Strict Is Westjet Baggage Allowance?

Before you board your flight with Westjet, take a moment to acquaint yourself with the airline’s regulations. Westjet has detailed its policies for customers wishing to bring a carry-on, checked baggage, or both. 

The policies are easy to follow. Anyone who boards a Westjet flight is permitted one standard carry-on and one personal item for free. Westjet determines your checked baggage fees from your fare bundle and whether or not you prepay for your luggage. Westjet urges passengers to plan ahead and pre-pay. When you pre-pay, you can help the airline meet its customer’s needs and save yourself a few dollars. 

We will discuss Westjet’s policies for carry-on, checked baggage, and all other information relevant to customers flying Westjet.

Westjet Carry On Baggage Allowance  

Passengers may bring the following items with them, free of cost.

  • One standard bag
  • One personal item
  • One baby bag or diaper bag 

Your standard bag must meet strict measurement requirements. Westjet will put oversized carry-ons with check baggage and charge passengers applicable fees. Continue reading to find out more about Westjet’s checked baggage policies. 

Westjet Carry On Size

Your standard carry on baggage must not exceed the following dimensions: 53 x 38 x 23 cm (21 x 15 x 9 in). Your personal item can not surpass 41 x 33 x 15 cm (16 x 13 x 6 in)

There is no weight limit for personal or standard items. Your baggage must fit safely and securely in the overhead bin or under the seat.

Customers that fly with infants and young children may bring an additional item – one diaper bag. The diaper or baby bag must only contain items for the infant. The airline will charge you if your diaper bag has items that are not for the infant or child. 

The airline will accept the following articles as personal items: sports ball, laptop bags, pet carrier (kennel), garment bags, camera bags, camera, briefcase, and purse. This list is not exclusive. Other objects may qualify as personal articles. Examples of carry-on luggage include suitcases, backpacks, and other bags. 

Westjet Encore is a popular but smaller aircraft. It is common for Westjet to ask passengers to check their carry-on luggage for free in the event of a full flight. 

If you are requested to check your carry-on, please remove identification cards, credit cards, medication, keys, and other valuable items. The airline recommends that passengers keep these items on their person in case of lost or stolen luggage. 

Other Items Accepted as Carry-On

Westjet allows customers to bring a number of irregular articles as carry-on. These items do not count towards your two-item limit and may be carried in addition to your one personal item and one carry-on. 

  • Diaper bag
  • Approved car seat
  • Stroller
  • Umbrella
  • Walking Aid (canes, walkers, crutches)
  • Duty-free items and shopping bags
  • Food in disposable containers
  • Medication, medical syringes, and needles for medical use – restrictions apply
  • Medical devices, namely oxygen containers – restrictions apply
  • Cremated remains – restrictions apply
  • Two liters of blood – restrictions apply

Certain items have restrictions or require documentation in order to bring on the aircraft. Read the airline’s policies on restricted items found here. You may also want to contact the airline for further assistance. 

Westjet Checked Baggage Allowance

Westjet offers customers the ability to book fare bundles. Fare bundles affect baggage fees and allowances, so review your ticket carefully to meet your needs. These are the Westjet Fare types:

  • Basic
  • Econo or Member Exclusive
  • EconoFlex
  • Premium
  • PremiumFlex
  • Business
  • BusinessFlex 

All passengers are allowed up to four checked bags on their Westjet flight. Westjet Encore’s smaller aircraft restricts passengers to only up to three checked bags. 

The airline advises passengers wishing to fly to Jamaica, Cuba, or Trinidad and Tobago that they are only permitted two bags on those flights.

Westjet will calculate your baggage fees based on your ticket fare. The airline updated its luggage fees to encourage customers to purchase their checked baggage during booking; therefore, passengers who made bookings before April 26, 2022, for flights between April 26 – June 1, 2022, are subject to different fees than passengers who made bookings after April 26 for travel after June 1. 

If you fly Econo Flex, Premium or Premium Flex, Business or Business Flex, you may be entitled to at least one free checked bag per flight. Please refer to the table for assistance. We’ve written the cost in USD/CAD.  

Prepaid Luggage 
BasicEcono or Member ExclusiveEcono FlexPremiumPremiumFlexBusinessBusinessFlex 
First Bag$30-$35.40$30-$35.40FreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Second Bag$50-59$50-59$50-59FreeFreeFreeFree
Third Bag$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118
Fourth Bag$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118

You should note that after April 26, the cost of checking in luggage at the counter increased. Passengers that made bookings prior to this day paid the same rates for prepaid and non-paid luggage.

BasicEcono or Member ExclusiveEcono FlexPremiumPremiumFlexBusinessBusinessFlex 
First Bag$40-47.20$40-47.20$40-47.20FreeFreeFreeFree
Second Bag$60-71$60-71$60-71FreeFreeFreeFree
Third Bag$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118
Fourth Bag$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118

Checked Baggage Fees for International Travelers 

Passengers flying to or from Europe are subject to different fees than other travelers. Refer to Westjet’s website for updates. The rates recorded in the table below apply to customers flying after June 1, 2022.

Prepaid Luggage: Trips to/from Europe  
BasicEcono or Member ExclusiveEcono FlexPremiumPremiumFlexBusinessBusinessFlex 
First Bag$60-71$30-35.40FreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Second Bag$90-107$50-59$50-59FreeFreeFreeFree
Third Bag$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118
Fourth Bag$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118
Check-In: Trips to/from Europe  
BasicEcono or Member ExclusiveEcono FlexPremiumPremiumFlexBusinessBusinessFlex 
First Bag$70-82.60$40-47.20FreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Second Bag$100-118$60-71$60-71FreeFreeFreeFree
Third Bag$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118
Fourth Bag$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118$100-118

Should I Buy My Baggage Allowance When I Book Online?

Yes, buy your baggage when you book online. Westjet will charge customers that pre-pay and pre-book their luggage online a cheaper rate than customers who pay at the counter on the same day as their flight.

If you decide to cancel your trip, you may receive a refund for your luggage when you pre-book online. 

Oversized Baggage

Your baggage is oversized if it surpasses 158-203 cm (63-80 inches) or 23-45 kg (51-100 lbs). 

Westjet charges flyers roughly $100-118 for their overweight baggage, regardless of pre-paying or paying at the check-in counter.  

Unique Items Accepted in Your Checked Baggage

Passengers may bring hunting gear, firearms, and fishing equipment onto the aircraft. The items must be stored in checked luggage only. The airline will charge a fee for firearms and related items. 

International customers must keep in mind that they are limited by their destination. Firearms are only allowed on flights between Canada and the United States. Passengers must not bring these items onto flights bound for Europe. 

Restricted Items

Westjet has an extensive list of prohibited and restricted items, too numerous to describe in detail here. If you want to verify your item is allowed on board the flight, please visit Westjet’s guest information guide for baggage and carry-on. The information is organized by category and then item. 


Flying with Westjet can be a smooth trip! Be mindful of your baggage allowances, plan ahead, and pre-pay for any checked baggage you may want to bring on your flight. 

Meet your luggage needs by selecting the right fare bundle, as some fare bundles include multiple complimentary checked luggage. 

Westjet allows a number of different items on their aircraft. Nevertheless, if you are carrying an uncommon or unusual item, verify that your item is not prohibited onboard by visiting Westjet’s customer information guide for baggage and carry-on items.

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